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Cymatic Audio
249 € TTC
Permet d'enregistrer et de lire 32 canaux
Résolution max: 24 bit - 48 kHz
Interface audio USB 32x32
Port USB pour stockage (disque dur ou clé USB disponibles en option)
LED d'état
Contrôlable à distance via logiciel uRemote (Androide, iPhone/iPad, Windows ou OSX) Conçue pour le port d'extension des X32 et M32
Connexion Ethernet pour commande
Logiciel uTool pour Mac OSX et Windows inclus

lien constructeur
Cymatic Audio’s uTrack-X32 expansion card for the world-class M32 and X32 family of consoles is fitting snugly into the expansion card slot of the M32/X32 console, the uTrack-X32 adds full multitrack capabilities, completely independent and non-intrusive to your console’s mixing operations.        Simply record 32 channels directly to USB storage with just one touch of a button? A simple way that lets you reliably record hours of audio without having to wonder where to put your laptop, additional USB wires, opening new sessions, create tracks, arms tracks? A recorder that you can ‘Set-and-Forget’ till the show is over, knowing that later you can easily transfer your recordings into your favorite DAW? Start the sound check at your convenience, without having to wait for the musicians, all while looping certain passages on the fly and giving you ample time to rehearse and fine-tune your best mix ever? Control this recorder conveniently from your OS X, Windows, iOS or Android device if you wanted to? Enjoy all of the above features, while preserving your console’s ability to act as a 32X32 USB interface if you needed it to? Expand your X32/M32 console beyond mixing and create a self-contained mixing, recording & playback powerhouse.

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