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Cymatic Audio
349 € TTC
Seamlessly integrates uTrack24’s audio I/O with MADI-based audio systems Record 24 separate tracks from output of digital consoles / stage boxes Output 24 tracks of pre-recorded audio to inputs of digital console Record / play back 24-channel virtual sound checks with digital consoles BNC Coaxial and Fiber Optic I/O Connectors allow flexible connections Works with multiple MADI protocols, channel counts, and sample rates Flexible routing of 56/64 source channels to 24 recorder inputs Flexible routing of 24 playback outputs to 56/64 outputs Allows loop output of incoming MADI signals 24-channel analog outputs remains active while using digital outputs of card Coaxial / Fiber-Optic cabling allows for very long cabling distances
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Integrates your uTrack24 seamlessly into the world of high-end digital audio. Your uTrack24 is now ready to play with the big kids. Patch your uTrack24’s input and outputs into MADI equipped live sound consoles, stage boxes, installed sound systems and more. Record the band from the console and send a huge number of individual numbers of backing tracks to any MADI system, all with just 2 cables that can be extended for hundreds of feet.

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